McWilliam & Powell Services

Business Assessment

What if a doctor prescribed a solution without first diagnosing the problem? We would hope you get up and leave.

The purpose of the Business Assessment is to provide clarity on exactly where your company stands. All our full-service clients begin their engagement with McWilliam & Powell with a Business Assessment.

The Business Assessment will evaluate the following six business components. 

  • Leadership, Vision, and budget.
  • Market, target and positioning.
  • The sales process.
  • Website audit.
  • Advertising campaign(s).
  • Social platforms.

To ensure the proper allocation of resources, the Assessment consists of 4 simple stages:

1. The intake

2. Offsite

3. Onsite

4. The follow-up

The Intake

The intake consists of a simple form every client fills out five days before the in-person day.

The intake form provides McWilliam & Powell with the information to design your Market Snapshot before the in-person day. The Market Snapshot will be reviewed and discussed on the in-person day.

The first instalment must be submitted simultaneously with the intake form. We request payment to be made up front.


The offsite typically follows a structured schedule. The offsite will be located in a nearby location.

We will discuss and assess your company’s leadership and vision during breakfast.

After breakfast, we will review the prepared Market Snapshot to identify opportunities within the market.

We will get out the whiteboard around lunchtime and discuss your sales process. 

From there, we will diagnose your website from the backend and front end-user experience.

Next, we will evaluate current advertising campaigns. At this point, we all might have a better idea of budgets, goals and resources to leverage. 

Lastly, we will assess the social channels you are using and not using—Facebook, Instagram, YouTube, blog, community groups etc.

You should expect lots of questions about all business components.


The onsite is where we present at your firm to gather research and information about your company, culture and customers. We get a real sense of what is working, the typical customers, and the working habits.

The onsite requires less effort or energy than the offsite; however, we will need access to some team members who will be pivotal in the organization’s growth.

The Follow-Up

The follow-up is designed to ensure all the relevant information has been mined, and McWilliam & Powell can assemble an action plan that will be right for your business.

After the Assessment, you will receive an action plan to reach your objective(s) for your business.

The action plan will have corresponding next steps within each business component. 

The action plan is designed so you can go to your team or another consultant/agency and present the plan to execute.

After the action plan has been carefully reviewed collectively, McWilliam & Powell will offer a 1-page contract with a base and an incentive. We only make money until you do. The base covers the costs or executing plan, while the incentive is based on the agreed metric. The contract will be an offering to work together on that action plan. 

Location. In-person at a nearby restaurant/hotel.

Duration. From commencement to completion, expect this to span 3.5 weeks.

Scheduling. It can usually be initiated within 5-7 business days, depending on the time of year.

Deliverable. An action plan outlining precisely what your business needs to do to reach your objectives(s). Market Snapshot of your specific market. The full attention of experienced and qualified advice for 6-7 hours.  

Implementation Guidance. Up to 2 weeks after commencement.  The in-person meetings will be agenda/process-driven, so you’ll keep a log of your questions, and we’ll address them in a batch throughout the day. 

Participation Requirements. Submission of Intake Form. The owner or someone with access gathers materials/information for roughly 30 minutes. Owners and critical leaders participate in the in-person day and homework, as appropriate, but mainly we need decision-makers in the loop. 

Cost. $10,000 for firms with a team size of 10+. $7,500 for a firm with a team size between 6 and 9. $5,000 for a team size between 1 and 5. 

Payment Terms. Payment is required upfront.