McWilliam & Powell Services

Full Marketing Service

Full marketing service with an incentive structure that ensures results, meaning we only get paid when you do.

Most clients begin their custom service with a Business Assessment. After the Business Assessment, McWilliam & Powell helps clients design and implement their personalized marketing system.

Each system typically consists of 8 foundational marketing blocks; leadership, market, target, strategy, process, website, advertising, and social. In order to grow, all these Foundational Blocks need to work harmoniously and be implemented sequentially.

All contracts are based on performance to ensure results and goals are achieved. This means we ask for a base to cover initial costs. After one year of working together, our base will increase the same percentage as your top-line revenue increased. This means if your top-line revenue doesn’t grow or shrink, so does our base.

The first year will consist of two main phases:

  • Foundational Phase (See foundational blocks below)
  • Transformational  Phase 

The transformational phase begins with a Growth Preview. 

The Growth Preview reviews the work completed after the foundational phase and highlights what needs improvement. The Growth Preview will also look at new opportunities and ideas that have been “unlocked” because of the development of a strong foundation built in the previous phase.

The Growth Preview will offer 2-3 transformational projects depending on different businesses. The transformational projects will be implemented as part of the initial contract. It is in both parties best interest that these projects help achieve the desired goals and revenue goals due to the proper incentive structure.

Foundational Blocks


What: Leaders cast vision. Vision consists of core values, a purpose statement, and a mission.

Why: Without a guiding star, your business and strategic decisions will wander and drift.

How: We will walk you and your team through a few simple exercises that will reveal your core beliefs, the reasons for starting this business, and your current mission.

Deliverable: Vision 1 page, People Plan, Meeting Plan.


What: The Market foundational block creates your Market Snapshot, the market size in dollars, your business share of the market, and competitors’ market share.

Why: This block provides a no-BS view of exactly where your business stands in the marketplace so you can make informed strategic decisions.

How: We will use the current market research to construct a market snapshot outlining how large the current market is in dollars, how much your business owns, and how many shares your competitors own.

Deliverable: Market Snapshot, AIDA dashboard. 


What: The target audience is the opportunity revealed by the Market Snapshot. The opportunity is the one with the fastest rate of return. 

Why: One word. Focus. By focusing on a group strategically, you can better allocate your funds.

How: Conduct a deep dive into understanding how this group thinks and what they want and don’t want.

Deliverable: Defined Target Audience for the next 12 months for each product/service offering.


What: Strategy is choosing what not to do.

Why: To grow, you must have a theory that offers the best competitive advantage for your firm.

How: Comes down to 3 simple questions: How do people perceive your market? Where is the gap within that space? How can you fill that gap?

Deliverable: Strategy template, objectives, positioning, BIG IDEA, Budget, Creative briefs.


What: The sales process is documenting customer interaction with your business.

Why: By documenting these interactions, you and your team are better equipped to optimize the system you are creating. You will also identify owner interactions that need to be delegated to achieve the freedom you desire.

How: This is a methodical process but can be summed up into 3 stages: 1. Interaction audit 2. Provide Context 3. Measure.

Deliverable: Interaction audit. The documented sales process for the entire brand abides by the stages outlined above.


What: Most customer interaction will flow through your website. This involves optimizing the backend, and the front end, and doing it all in such a way that is distinctly you.

Why: By making sure you can capture leads automatically, are seen, and distinct, you are in a better position to harvest the value you create.

How: Pass the “grunt” test. Be at least 80% on page speed insights.

Deliverables: All clients will receive a website audit and then choose 3 options:

  1. New website
  2. Optimise current website
  3. Website copy changes.


What: Develop a campaign that is consistent, frequent and distinct.

Why: Every business reaches an inflection point. At this point, you can choose to advertise and achieve growth, or not advertise and stay exactly where you are.

How: Invest resources into multiple channels, prioritizing based on the fastest rate of return.

Deliverable: Advertising Campaign Plan, Project management of the campaign.


What: Network is the group of people you influence on the topic you are expert on

Why: Owning your own media increases the value of your company exponentially. 

How: Provide real, raw and relevant content to the market on multiple channels, consistently.

Deliverable: Social Media Plan, Project management of Social Media Plan.

Further Details of Full Service

Location. Hybrid. Remote and in-person.

Duration. The system will be up and running by about the 12th week. The marketing impact will be seen by the 6th month. The full-service evaluation will take place 12 months after the initial engagement. 

Scheduling. Can usually be initiated within 1-2 days of Business Assessment, depending on the time of year.

Deliverable. Your personalized Marketing System, hours of experiential and qualified advice following a concrete agenda/process. Well-written and concise ideas and recommendations for future projects. The primary campaign that will help make your firm locally famous. These are spread across weekly calls and multiple emails.

Implementation Guidance. Up to 12.5 weeks for the foundational blocks to be implemented. Every week we will have a check-in meeting. These meetings will be agenda-driven, so you’ll keep a log of your questions, and we’ll address them in a batch. 

Participation Requirements. The owner or someone with access gathers materials/information for roughly one hour. Owners and critical leaders participate in the weekly calls and homework, as appropriate, but mainly we need decision-makers in the loop—an annual budget for the advertising campaign.

Cost. Single monthly base after the 1st year. The base will increase by the same percentage as your top-line revenue from the previous year.

Payment Terms. Processed on the first day of every month.