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LEADERSHIP. Leadership is influence. It’s the thing that moves people and changes behavior. It's the force that can change the direction of a fleet, a pack and a team. Before tackling any kind of marketing the first thing you must do is be crystal clear on what it is you want to accomplish, who you are, and why you are doing the things you are doing.
MARKET. If you don’t have a clear understanding of the market, you will continue to lose opportunities and spend capital irresponsibly.
Probably the hardest part of the foundation is choosing who you want to serve. Part of the difficulty during this process is that most marketers and business owners don’t know why you need to target. Why do you need to choose who you wish to serve? It’s a nice sentiment, but why? One word. Focus. By focusing on a group strategically, you are better able to allocate your funds properly.
STRATEGY. Strategy is deciding what not to do. Deciding what your business stands for and doesn't is perhaps the most important piece to the foundational blocks. The goal of this block is to articulate in a simple and concrete way what your products do and who’s it for.
SALES. The sales process is documenting the interactions a customer has with your business. This can be the digital interactions, the in person, the off-line etc. The importance of this block is in the clarity and intentionality. Business is still done with people. How your customers interact with your business is personal. To scale your business these interactions must be documented. You need to document in order to analyze to make it better.
WEBSITE. Most businesses require a website. However, if you want to have the freedom to choose to be involved or uninvolved with your business you need a website that is effective at capturing leads. Without a good website that captures leads, you will keep throwing money into the advertising wind without an ability to catch what you invested.
ADVERTISING. The process of becoming famous. Is your brand famous?
SOCIAL. Social media is social. It's a community. It is not an advertising tool. It is not a marketing asset. It is not your brand. YOU DO NOT OWN IT. t, it is a place for community. It is also an excellent tool for creating super fans.