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Helping You Build a System to Attract and Keep Customers Without Big Agency Fees

In 90 days, you’ll have a custom system to help grow your business, attract the right customers, and generate consistent sales.

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You Deserve great marketing without big fees

You believe that if people knew who you were and how much you could help, you would be successful.

BUT, if your business continues to operate without a system to attract and keep customers, you will quickly burn out.

Hiring a marketing firm is out of the question because they’re often too expensive. Also, you’re willing to put in the work yourself. 

At McWilliam & Powell, we believe every business owner deserves a great Marketing System; a tool that helps attract and keep customers consistently without burning out.

A Marketing Coach can help you identify exactly what you need to learn and do to build your Marketing System and grow your business.

It’s the custom approach without the agency’s big fees.

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The Marketing System

Designed for business owners to get results without burning out

There are eight foundational blocks to marketing and business growth. Without these blocks, business owners experience stress, burnout, and frustration. The Marketing System combines these foundational blocks to make a cohesive system that business owners can use and reuse. It’s practical in the application and effective in getting results.


Develop a vision worth pursuing.
First, you, as the leader must decide where it is you want to go before attempting to grow.
Vison 1 Pager


It is the theory in which you use to grow your business.
Strategy is choosing what not to do.
Strategy Template


Get clarity on where your business stands in the marketplace.
This block provides a no-BS view (Market Snapshot) of exactly where your business stands in the marketplace.
Market Snapshot


The sales process.
The sales process is documenting any interaction a customer has with your business.
21 ways to attract and keep customers


Focus on a group strategically to allocate funds effectively.
The target audience is the opportunity revealed by the Market Snapshot.
Target Criteria


Be in a better position to harvest the value you create.
Most customer interaction will flow through your site. This involves optimizing the backend, the front end, and doing it all in such a way that is distinctly you.
Website Checklist


The great equalizer.
Every business reaches an inflection point. At this point, you can choose to advertise and achieve growth or not advertise and stay exactly where you are.
Advertising Mix for Small Businesses


Network is the group of people you influence on the topic you are an expert on. Do you own your network?
The network block is about the influence and impact you have. Many tools can facilitate your influence at scale.
Own Your Media

Guide to Building Your Personalized Marketing System

It's Practical in application and effective in getting results

Conduct Diagnostic

We meet to identify which foundational blocks you need to improve in your business. The result is a step-by-step plan for building your personalized Marketing System.

Build Foundation

Working together, we will build a strong foundation your firm can use to grow. For each foundational block, you will receive a personalized workshop, two follow ups and a review to ensure the foundation is strong.

Acheive goals

After the 90-days you will have a strong foundation to grow your business, a framework to attract and keep customers and a system that will help you avoid burnout.

Meet Your Coaches

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The 90-Day Program In Detail

What takes place after I say yes?

McWilliam & Powell

Phase One


The application aims to identify if you need our help to reach your business goals. After filling out a brief form, you will be connected with McWilliam & Powell to see if hiring a Marketing Coach suits you and your firm.

In a brief 30-minute call, we promise to help:

  • Clarify the outcomes and expectations you have for your life and business that motivate you to succeed.
  • Identify the obstacles that are preventing you from growing your business.
  • Articulate a vision for what you want your business and personal life to look like after the Marketing System is in place.
  • Determine if you have what it takes to build a Marketing System with a Marketing Coach.


At the end of this call, you will understand what’s holding you back as a leader and have a clear roadmap to build a system that will attract and keep customers.

Phase Two


If hiring a Marketing Coach fits you and your business, we will proceed with the diagnostic.

You will be sent a Business Self-assessment containing 52 carefully crafted yes/no/maybe questions to identify which foundational blocks are healthy and which need attention. You will receive a rating for each block and an overall score for your Marketing System. The self-assessment will take about 10 minutes to complete from start to finish.

You will then meet with a Marketing Coach to diagnose and help identify a plan to optimize and improve each foundational block.

Every business will have a different coaching program. You may have to work on all eight blocks or just a handful. Regardless, the coaching program will be tailored to your business and reaching your goals.

Phase Three

Build Marketing System

After receiving your coaching plan, your Marketing Coach will guide you in building your Marketing System.

Each Foundational block will include a 1 to 2-hour workshop tailored to your business and business goals, templates and tools, two 30-minute follow-up calls, full email access to your Marketing Coach, and a 1-hour review session. There are specific deliverables you will be responsible for before moving to the next block. 


Contact us if you have additional questions

90 days.

Depending on where your business is, most owners can complete their Marketing System within 90 days of starting. An exact timeline will be identified with the diagnostic.

Every business is different. Depending on where your business is at in your journey to building a system to attract and keep customers will determine the investment.

Every business will invest in a diagnostic ($250) to gain insights as to exactly where you are and where you need to go.

From there you and your Marketing Coach will determine your coaching program. You can choose which blocks you want as part of your coaching program.

Choose the foundational blocks you want help with:

Leadership Block – $500

Market Block – $500

Target Block – $500

Strategy Block – $500

Process Block – $500

Website Block – $500

Advertising Block – $500

Network Block – $500

Every business has a marketing system. The best and most successful companies intentionally create one to measure and optimize their effectiveness, meaning doing the right things.

A marketing system is for you if you want to operate your business by doing the right things well.

Typically, you see the leadership block results right away. Finding new clarity on where you are, where you want to go, and the values you want to hold delivers exceptional results for your business.

As for the advertising side of things will depend on how much advertising you have done in the past. If you have done little, you will begin to see results around the third to fourth month. If you have done some things already, you will notice results as soon as the first or second month.

Yes. Plenty, however, we encourage you to think more holistically. We certainly can help you capitalize on the digital world, but it’s always much more fruitful when there is a plan, research, and a good strategy.

We encourage you to explore our full-service offering. Essentially, you tell us your goals and aspirations, and then we design a plan to get there, execute that plan and provide additional ideas and growth opportunities.

The best part – we only make money when you do. You know you will get the results as prescribed because that is when you pay us our profit. It keeps us accountable to the goals and keeps everyone focussed on doing excellent work. 

To learn more, please visit our full-service offering.

We are done. We don’t want this to turn into another coaching engagement because then we would feel the need to hold something back. We do not want to do that.

You can continue to use the Marketing System to build your business(es).

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$ 500 per block*
  • Report of current status of Marketing System
  • Custom coaching program for your business
  • 1 to 2-hour workshop tailed to your business for each block
  • Templates, tools, teachings on each block
  • Two 30-minute follow-up calls per block
  • Full acess to Marketing Coach via email
  • 1-hour review session for each block