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Grow Your Business By Replacing Yourself With a System.

A straightforward process to integrate your business functions to grow your business – and the loyal partners as guides.

What Is The Marketing System?

The model is comprised of 8 foundational blocks required to grow a great small business  – Your business designs its own system using these proven and tested blocks.

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Book a Business Assessment

What if a doctor prescribed a solution without first diagnosing the problem? I would hope you get up and leave.

The purpose of the Business Assessment is to take an honest and hard look at where your business currently stands. The assessment consists of 3 simple stages:

1. The intake

2. The in-person day

3. The follow-up

After the assessment, you will receive an action plan to reach your objective for your business.

The Business Assessment will evaluate the following 6 business components. 

  • Leadership, Vision, and budget.
  • Market, target and positioning.
  • The sales process.
  • Website audit.
  • Advertising campaign(s).
  • Social platforms.

What does the typical in-person Day look like?

During breakfast (on us), we will discuss and assess leadership, and the vision for your company.

After breakfast, we will review the prepared market snapshot for the purpose of identifying opportunities within the market.

At around lunchtime (also on us), we will get out the whiteboard and discuss your sales process. 

From there we will diagnose your website from the backend and front end-user experience.

Next, we will evaluate current advertising campaigns. At this point, we all might have a better idea of budgets, goals and resources to leverage. 

Lastly, we will assess the social channels you are using and not using. Facebook, Instagram, YouTube, blog, community groups etc.

Your Business Roadmap

McWilliam & Powell

Step One


McWilliam & Powell will provide a no BS assessment of your business. No long term commitment required to complete the work at this stage. 

Step Two


After the Business Assessment, we will provide you with an action plan of exactly what you need to do to grow and harvest the value you create. After the action plan has been provided, you can then decide if you want M&P to execute the plan, another firm, or yourself.

Step Three

Strengthen Foundation

The action plan will help identify foundational elements that require your attention. If you choose to proceed with M&P services, M&P will strengthen your foundational blocks. This process typically takes around 12 weeks to accomplish, provided we have all the information that is required.

Step Four


At this point, the foundation is built and you will probably see a slight bump in sales and customer acquisition. You will know what is coming in and at what time. The financial value of your business has grown because you have replaced yourself with a system. A re-assessment will be conducted to identify new transformational projects, and if the current relationship with M&P is worth keeping.

Step Five

Transform Your Business

If you decide to partner with McWilliam & Powell after the foundational blocks have been built, M&P will continue to maintain what has been built while developing the next transformational project. These transformational projects are tough to identify without first walking through the previous steps, however, can be the most rewarding. This is where acquisitions, advertising campaigns and programs will be built all with the goal of increasing the value of your business.