McWilliam & Powell Services

Transformational Project(s)

After the Foundational Phase is complete, McWilliam & Powell and the client will enter into the transformational phase. The transformational phase begins with a Growth Preview. 

The Growth Preview reviews the work completed and highlights what needs improvement. The Growth Preview will also look at new opportunities and ideas that have been “unlocked” because of the development of a strong foundation built in the previous stage.

The Growth Preview will offer 2-3 transformational projects depending on different businesses. McWilliam & Powell will offer a 1-page contract that consists of maintaining the foundational blocks and creating, designing, and implementing 2 of the 3 transformational projects.

At this time because these projects tend to be much more ambiguous. M&P will often offer a performance-based incentive or equity-based incentive. Cash is king, and because of so many unknowns, the performance-based incentive and equity-based incentive save the owner cash and only reward M&P for its efforts if objectives and goals are in fact reached.

Location. Hybrid. Remote and in-person.

Duration. From commencement to completion, expect this to span 12 months.

Scheduling. Can usually be initiated within 1-2 days of the Foundational Phase, depending on the time of year.

Deliverable. 2-3 Transformational projects. Remaining work on Marketing System. Hours of experiential and qualified advice following a concrete agenda/process. Well-written and concise ideas and recommendations for future projects. These are spread across weekly calls and multiple emails.

Implementation Guidance. Up to 12 months. Every week we will have a check-in meeting. These meetings will be agenda-driven, so you’ll keep a log of the questions you have and we’ll address them in a batch. 

Participation Requirements.  Owners and critical leaders participate in the weekly calls and homework, as appropriate, but mainly we need decision-makers in the loop. A budget for the agreed-upon transformational project. Agreement on data sourcing for performance-based results.

Cost. Growth Preview – $3,500

Base (Maintaining blocks) – varies from business to business.

Incentive – varies from business to business.

Payment Terms: Prepaid and non-refundable base at the beginning of every month.